Ace your promotional efforts with a well-crafted Bio 📝 &  EPK 🎶📸

Your bio is more than just facts. It's the key to building a strong connection with your fans and a valuable resource for journalists and bloggers. It's the bridge between your music and your audience.

At One Ace, we believe that every artist has a story to tell. We help you share your unique voice and connect with your fans through compelling artist bios that are tailored to reflect your individual personality and style.

What makes our bios different?

An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is a digital portfolio showcasing your music, career achievements, and brand identity. It's an essential tool for self-promotion and securing opportunities in the competitive music industry.

Here's what we offer:

Take control of your music career. Contact One Ace today and let's create your EPK! 

Aces High Press: Your Story Deserves a Winning Hand. 📰

Get your newsworthy press release created today. With our professional press release service, you can effectively announce your latest project to the world.

We craft impactful, newsworthy press releases, maximizing attention and online visibility with compelling stories and targeted keywords. No two announcements are the same. We tailor distribution strategies to reach your specific audience, locally or nationally.

It's time to reveal your hand and share your unique story with the world! 

Note: Independent musicians who actively build their portfolios demonstrate initiative and professionalism, making them more attractive to major labels.

So, Let's Put Your Cards on the Table!

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